The authenticity of her diploma is also quite dubious. It clearly lacks some of the requirements to be a valid diploma and unless you see its back side, you cannot tell whether the diploma is genuine or not.

However, Koike refuses to show the original copy of the diploma or to submit it to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. If that means she wants us to judge the authenticity by the screenshot taken from Fuji TV’s programme, I can only say it is completely invalid and there is a possibility of forgery.

Taeko Ishii pointed out in her article dated 15 June 2018 published on the “Bunshun Online" (web news site of Bungeishunju Ltd.) "Thorough examination of the photos of Koike’s diploma from Cairo University" the Cairo University’s logo of her diploma shown on the inside cover of her biography "Furisode Climbing the Pyramid" was different from that of her diploma broadcasted on Fuji TV.

I showed the two photos to one of the professors of Faculty of Arts at Cairo University. The professor was surprised and said, "The logos are different!".

Asked about this in the press conference on 22 June 2018, Koike denied Ishii’s allegation saying “You can get only one diploma. Mine is the only one formally issued by the university. There is nothing else". But it does not seem that way.

Questions to Koike and the Answers received

I asked Koike about these points in writing.

Here are the questions I sent to her in November 2018 through the editorial department of “Sunday Mainichi“, one of the major weekly magazines in Japan. Koike’s responses are as follows;

(1) In your book “Furisode Climbing the Pyramid" you wrote "I entered the Department of Oriental Studies at the American University in Cairo in 1971 and completed the course the following year". However, such department did not exist in AUC then (and present) and our understanding is that you were enrolled in an elementary (beginner's) Arabic course at CASA (Center for Arabic Study Abroad). Is this understanding correct?

If you have completed the course, we would like to see and photograph your completion certificates. AUC’s Arabic course issues such certificate and transcript of grades for students at each level.

(2) Did you enter Cairo University in October 1972 or October 1973?

(3) Is it true that you graduated from Cairo University? If you did graduate, which year and month was it?

(4) Is it true that you graduated as the No.1 student from Cairo University?

(5) On your graduate certificate from Cairo University, as far as I can see from the TV screenshot, more than one signature is missing. All seals of the stamps are unclear and all the honorific titles, verbs, adjectives and personal pronouns related to you are written in masculine form. Please tell me when and how you obtained the certificate.

Considering the points raised above, it seems the validity of the certificate is questionable. What do you think about this?

(6) I would like to see your graduate certificate, diploma and academic transcripts from Cairo University and photograph them.

(7) According to an interview article you worked as an "Arabic-Japanese language interpreter" at Daikyo Oil and other organisations after graduating from Cairo University. Is it true that you were an “Arabic-Japanese" interpreter?

How did Koike respond to these questions?