Number of irregularities on the certificate

Aside from the stamps, Koike's graduate certificate has irregularities that do not exist in those of other genuine graduates.

The first irregularity is that the text of Koike's graduate certificate is written in the masculine form. That is, the honorific title "sayyid" (Mr.) rather than "sayyida" (Ms.), "mauluud" (masculine) rather than "mauluuda" (feminine) for "born", "hasala" (masculine) rather than "hasalt" (feminine) for "obtained" a degree, "talabh" (his request) rather than "talabhah" (her request), all written in masculine form.

The words underlined in red are written in masculine form

In Arabic, you do not need particularly to indicate the gender on the document, but you can tell from the word form. Not a single graduate certificate I collected has this kind of gender mismatch and the two female ones that I collected are neatly written in feminine form too. I would like to hear from Koike why the text is written in masculine form and why she did not ask the issuer to amend it.

The second irregularity is that the screenshot shows only two signatures out of the four signatories required. Her certificate has signature spaces from the right for "mukhattas (specialist)", "al-muraaqib (controller)" and "al-muraaqib l-aanm (general controller)" and the only signature you can see with certainty is that of "al-muraaqib" in the middle (further down there is the signature of the dean of the faculty). In case of the other 20 or so certificates which I have collected, there is only one certificate which lacks one of the four signatures, but the rest have signatures in all signature spaces.

The third point of irregularity is that Koike's graduate certificate has a revenue stamp affixed upside-down. There is no such example in any other certificate I collected. Due to space constraints, some of the revenue stamps were placed sideways, but Koike's stamp was affixed upside down, regardless of space constraints.

The fourth irregularity is that Koike's photograph is pinned. The photographs of the 20 or so certificates I collected are all glued or stapled. Since these are important documents to use for job hunting, it is natural to stick them securely. Koike's certificate gives an impression that it was made from an irregular route.

Overall, all graduate certificates I saw apart from that of Koike’s are very carefully prepared, including the way the seal is stamped, signed and the way the revenue stamps are affixed. This is natural because it is a very important document which is used for job hunting. However, what Koike claims to be a graduate certificate seems to me to have been sloppily crafted.

It is strange that Koike stubbornly refuses to show the certificate or to submit it to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Also, she has never shown her transcript of grades.

All of the Cairo University graduates I met were willing to send me photos of their graduate certificates and diplomas when requested. The graduate certificates of Yoshiharu Ogasawara and Ko Nakata are available on the Internet respectively.

If Koike is a genuine graduate and has the certificate to prove that, I see no reason for her to refuse making the certificate public. Her attitude itself is a strong evidence for her fake academic credentials.

If I myself is suspected of not graduating from the American University in Cairo (MA in the Middle East Studies), I will immediately disclose the original diploma, transcripts of grades, list of graduates, photos of the graduation ceremony, videos of the ceremony (taken by a vendor and sold to each graduate), a copy of the monthly reports I sent to my then employer (The Sanwa Bank, Limited), my lecture note book, and if necessary I will file a lawsuit for defamation. Probably everyone will do so if put in the same situation. Moreover, Koike is a public figure and well known for her propensity to stubbornly argue against anything she disagrees with. The fact that she always tries to avoid explaining about her studies at Cairo University may be because she is afraid that if she speaks out, she may have her secrets blown out, like the contradictory remarks she made regarding the graduation thesis. All Koike says now is “I graduated in 1976. Cairo University admits it".