Ken ITOのプロフィール

Composer-Conductor, Artictic Director of Berlin
Raummusik Kolegium

Born in Tokyo in 1965. He had studied piano, violoncello composition and conducting under Teizo MATSUMURA,Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA, Leonard BERNSTEIN, Pierre BOULEZ and other teachers. Appointed professor of composition-conducting / Epistemologic Poetics at Tokyo University in 2000. Also teached in Tokyo University of Fine arts and Music, Keio University and other institutions.

After been acknowledged as leading figure of music in his youth with the admiration of Goergy LIGETI, Luciano BERIO and other prominent musicians, he started fundamental study of music by combining advanced science to real music making with suggestion of brain physiologist Dr. Torsten WIESEL. He continues both scientific research of musical fundamentals and original music making; composition and conducting simultaneously.

Recently he is also publishing various essays and non-fiction books. His project to deliver high-school lessons of basic science and music to African countries is also widely appreciated