The issuance of fake degree certificates at Egypt's state universities still exists today.

In 2015 Cairo University President Dr. Gabel Gad Nassar appeared on Egypt's commercial TV channel CBC and said that since 2007 or 2008 "fake degree certificates" have been issued involving university professors, staff and politicians. He says the sales of these fake certificates were advertised through SNS and full-page advertisements on Egypt's national newspapers. They issued fake degree certificates from Cairo University and other state universities. Kuwaitis and Saudis who have never been to Egypt obtained diplomas (a degree between bachelor’s and master’s) and master's degrees in medicine and dentistry.

In addition, President Nassar said that two weeks prior to the CBC interview, he himself witnessed a "fake degree certificate" vendor holding a seminar teaching students how to obtain a fake degree certificate. This seminar was held within the university premise with the help of Cairo University’s employees. Those university employees were later dismissed. Some vendors advertise "If you buy two certificates, the third one is free" just like product offers you see in supermarkets. The President laments "It is only in Egypt that such dodgy practice is seen".

The interview with the President is from the 1 hour, 4 minutes and 15 seconds of the video clip below.

“I have my people within Cairo, Ain Shams, Fayoum and Zagazig Universities"

In 2017, Dalia Shibel an Egyptian journalist with a strong background in education reached out to several vendors selling "fake degree certificate" on Facebook and other SNS sites. She then wrote an article about fake diploma vendors .

One of the vendors said "We can deliver a 'fake degree certificate' in 40 days if you also need the academic records within the university to be fabricated. Otherwise, we can deliver the certificate in 20 days. The universities that we can provide fake degree certificates are Cairo, Ain Shams, Mansoura and Zagazig". The fact that the vendor can fabricate academic records means he has collaborators in those universities. Another vendor said “I am not alone because I have my people (collaborators) within Cairo, Ain Shams, Fayoum and Zagazig universities".

Following Shibel’s request one of the vendors issued a graduate certificate for a Doctorate in Media Science from Cairo University in her name and a graduate certificate for a medical (surgical) degree from Cairo University to her Jordanian acquaintance.

She also met a man holding a "fake degree certificate" in Medicine from Ain Shams University, another state university in Cairo, who works as a doctor of immunity and blood disease in a laboratory. She found another man with a "fake doctorate degree certificate" from Ain Shams University. This person opened his own clinic and treats patients as an orthopedic surgeon. Another individual with a "fake degree certificate" in Engineering (Architecture) from Minia University works as an engineer in a construction company in the UAE.

The Pharmacists Association of Egypt responded to Shibel’s interview by saying that a large number of applications for membership had been made using fake degree certificates. Also, the Bar Association stated that there had been around 30 applications for membership using fake degree certificates in the past two years. The Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University also admitted that the department's stamp had been stolen.شهادات-جامعية-للبيع-سنوات-الدراسة-يختصرها-السماسرة-في-أيام-تحقيق-

In 2018, two employees of Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and one Kuwaiti national were sentenced by a Kuwaiti criminal court to a two-year probationary sentence for producing a number of "fake degree certificates" from Egyptian universities and selling them for 500 Kuwaiti dinars each.

There is more; In 2019 it was reported that the director (head) for coordination and follow-up of the performance evaluation at the Directorate of Education of Cairo was found to have falsified his own doctorate in education from Ain Shams University and is expected to be prosecuted.